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Did you know that DIVU means “little lamp” and “brainstorm” in Hindi?

Who we are

We create awareness for transparency and data-driven decisions in organisations. Data is one of the most valuable goods.

What we do

We support businesses to achieve their full potential based on their data.

How we do it

We have no complicated and cumbersome processes. Our company relies entirely on common sense. We believe that it is important to show the customer a part of the solution as quickly as possible so that we can build on it.

Our founder Martin Absenger

About DIVU

The first spark for founding DIVU appeared in autumn 2020 as our founder Martin Absenger connected the dots of his professional and academic experience. Various ideas had been evaluated and DIVU resulted as the most urgent one to launch.

Our corporate values

Communicate with others
Reach additional heights
Optimize processes
Exchange point of views
Augmented analytics
Lifelong learning

About Martin Absenger

In 2012, Martin got first in contact with data analytics during his internship at UBIMET. Time has shown that he is intrigued by data and technologies, as well as how powerful the right insights are.


Martin had the chance to learn about data science, business intelligence, international business, and various kinds of analytics. He learned it from scratch, which also helped him to strengthen his industry knowledge. Martin enjoys to share his experience with others and support people on their academic and professional journey. His professional background covers several industries (hospitality, automotive, consulting, IT).


His academic background include two master degrees (marketing and sales, international business) as well as several courses and certificates. Check out his personal LinkedIn profile to connect and get more information about himself.

All his love and gratitude goes to his family and friends who have always supported him in his journey.

“Data beats emotions.”

Sean Rad

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